What are the energy saving technologies of boiler

(1) Strengthening the technical transformation of inefficient boilers. For technical transformation of industrial boilers, we should try to achieve the goal of changing multiple effects, that is, we should not only improve thermal efficiency, save fuel, but also increase output and reduce pollution, achieve civilized production.

(2) The boiler should fully use frequency conversion technology. When a boiler pump and fan are selected, a certain allowance is considered on the rated load. Therefore, in fact, when the boiler runs, the flow rate of the fan and the pump is less than the rated flow of the equipment, and all of them need to be adjusted.

(3) The automatic control technology of the boiler is used reasonably. In the operation of the boiler, automatic control can improve the efficiency of the boiler and save energy.

(4) Popularize the heat pipe heat exchanger. The heat pipe heat exchanger can effectively recover the waste heat of the boiler flue gas and heat the gas - liquid heat pipe heat exchanger to heat the water supply in the boiler flue. The energy saving effect is remarkable.

(5) The technology of condensing waste heat recovery boiler is adopted. The condensing waste heat recovery boiler reduces the exhaust gas temperature to 50~70℃, and fully recovers the sensible heat and condensation latent heat of water vapor in the flue gas, improves the thermal efficiency.

(6) Reasonable use of steam accumulator. Steam accumulator is a kind of energy saving device. Generally, the steam regenerator can save 5% - 15% of the fuel.

(7) By adopting effective water treatment technology and descaling technology, it can realize the scaleless operation of imported boilers.

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