The method of adjusting boiler water level

To adjust the boiler water level and maintain the stability of the drum level during normal operation of the boiler, the following should be done:

1. Control the water level, we must carefully monitor the water level. In principle, we should take a water level gauge as the criterion and take the electric contact water level gauge as the main monitoring meter. To keep the water level in place clear and accurate. If the water level meter does not shake slightly or the mica plate is not clear, the water level gauge should be immediately washed. The water level of the boiler can be accurately judged by regular comparison with the water level gauge.

2. Monitor the main data of steam flow, water supply flow, steam pressure and water pressure at any time, and find out the cause and deal with it promptly when it is found to be abnormal.

3. If the water level exceeds +50mm,Water supply regulating valve should be turned down to reduce water intake. If it continues to rise to +75mm, the accident release gate should be opened to the normal water level and to find out the causes.

4. When the water level in normal operation is lower than -50mm, the water intake should be increased in time, so that the water level can be restored to normal as soon as possible, and the cause and timely treatment should be found.

5.In the case of unit lifting load, start and stop feed pump, high pressure heater input or output, boiler periodic discharge, air exhaust or safety gate operation and accident status, the change of the water level in the drum should be adjusted ahead of time.

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