AAC Block Application and Production

AAC Block Application and Production 

AAC block produced by AAC block machine has many advantages such as lighter quality, better heat preservation property and better sound absorption or insulation effect in comparison with common brick. What's more, it has certain strength, compression degree and machinability. All these are functions common brick doesn't have. Thus, as construction material and heat preservation material, AAC brick is widely applied in construction field and is paid more and more attention to by countries all over the world. It is widely promoted and developed by many countries and has become their foremost construction material selection.

AAC takes silicon material and calcium material as the main raw material. Adding foaming agent and stirring with water, it produces pore seam after chemical reaction. After poring molding, pre-storage cutting and autoclaved maintenance technological process, it finally develops into multi-pore silicate concrete. AAC product has been widely used in industrial and civil construction. With AAC equipment being more and more widely applied in construction field, we can see its image in most buildings, especially in high-rise building.

In a complete AAC production line, steam boiler and autoclave are the main equipment to provide high pressure high temperature steam and blocks steam curing.The autoclave and steam boiler produced by Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd fully absorb the advantages of foreign similar products, and the manufacturing and R & D level is in the industry leading level.

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