Oil Fired Boilers And Biomass Boilers

oil fired boiler

In addition to coal fired boiler and gas fired boiler, oil fired boiler and biomass boiler are currently the most widely used. The oil fired boiler includes the methanol boiler and the diesel boiler, etc. The biomass fuel boiler includes the straw boiler, the rice husk boiler, the wood boiler and so on. But compared to coal fired boiler such a low fuel cost of equipment, operation cost of oil fired boiler and biomass boiler is relatively high, especially oil fired boiler, the boiler operation cost sometimes higher than 3 times. However, based on the characteristics of oil such as diesel and methanol, the combustion efficiency of the equipment is very high. If the customer needs to use the boiler equipment for a special production process, the oil fired boiler is very suitable. In addition, there is biomass pellet fuel boiler. The fuel of such a device is very encouraged by the state, but for many customers, it is very troublesome to get fuel. Now, the chain of biomass fuel collection, processing, transportation, sales are also increasingly large-scale, therefore, biomass briquette combustion boiler in the boiler market share is always rising trend.

biomass fired boiler

But it is undeniable that many people have a great challenge to the two kinds of boiler, when want to purchase a new oil fired boiler, some customers will ask what types of oil we are not allowed to use for boiler, but in fact the state controls some fuels, such as heavy oil and biomass direct combustion fuel, which can not be fired, and it is necessary to use biofuels without pollution.

If you want to know more about the detailed specifications and parameters of oil fired boilers and biomass fired boiler, please consult ZBG online customer service.

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