Wood Anti-Corrosion Autoclave

Internal Diameter: Customized Operating Temperature: 183-204℃ Working Pressure: 1.0-1.5MPa (10 - 15bar) Working Medium: Saturation Steam/Condensate Water Effective Length: Customized


Brief Introduction::

ZBG wood anti-corrosion autoclave (anti-corrosion tank) reached the standard the United States "pressure vessel supervision and specification" in the wood manufacturing process, which can maximize meet the wood preservative process "vacuum - pressurized - heating" treatment technology. ZBG has different specifications of wood corrosion autoclave (anti-corrosion tank), all-round, three-dimensional to meet the customer's various anti-corrosion needs. 


Wood anti-corrosion autoclave/anti-corrosion tank can be used for outdoor garden, landscape, villas and bamboo products anti-corrosion of interior decoration, mouldproof and moth-proofing, termite resistant, flame retardant and other processing, and can almost meet all the requirements of the equipment, including the European pine, Canadian hemlock, southern pine, wood preservative equipment requirements. 


1.The design is compact and reasonable, easy to learn, advanced features, versatility, wood processing capacity, reasonable supporting equipment, auxiliary working time is short, high efficiency, pharmaceutical recycling, low production costs, and non-pollution.
2. The main compression device adopts electrochemical analysis and calculation, strengthening treatment, kettle cover dome ball diameter, arc transition, double-sided docking, compressive tensile strength.
3. Autoclave lid and flange adopts annealing treatment, prestressed process in the assembly process, ensure the kettle door switch is convenient, use for a long time without deformation.
4. The design of autoclave body flange is reasonable, good sealing performance, autoclave cover flange is provided with a deflaker, which can make the kettle door switch is convenient and timely discharge steam kettle body more quickly.



This equipment is a non-standard pressure vessel category, equipment diameter, heating mode, working medium, working pressure, working temperature, dimensions and other parameters can be customized according to customer demand for design and manufacturing.


Autoclaves for AAC Block in China

Type:Industrial autoclave Capacity/Hot Power:6 sets Pressure:1.5MPa Application:AAC block production line Project site:China view all content
  • Autoclaves for AAC Block in China Type:Industrial autoclave Capacity/Hot Power:6 sets Pressure:1.5MPa Application:AAC block production line Project site:China
  • 12 Sets of Autoclaves for AAC Plant Type:Autoclave Capacity/Hot Power:12 sets Pressure: Application:AAC plant Project site:Hebei
  • Industrial Autoclave Exported to Uzbekistan Type:FGZSS1.0-2×22.5 Capacity/Hot Power:One set Pressure:1.0MPa Application:AAC block Project site:Uzbekistan
  • 150,000m³AAC Production Line Project Type:Autoclave Capacity/Hot Power:150,000m³ Pressure: Application:AAC production line Project site:China
  • 3 Sets of Autoclaves in 150,000m³AAC Plant Production Line Type:Autoclaves Capacity/Hot Power:3 sets of 2.5x31.5m Pressure:1.3MPa Application:AAC Plant Project site:Anhui/China

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