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YQL Series Gas Fired Vertical Thermal Oil Boiler
YQL Series Gas Fired Vertical Thermal Oil Boiler
Capacity : 7000-29200KW
Pressure 0.8MPa,1.0MPa
Natural gas, LPG, Coke oven gas

Chemical industry, plastics industry, textile industry, rubber industry

Brief introduction:

YQL Series Gas-fired Vertical Thermal Oil Boilers adopt Wet Back Internal Combustion two-pass Structure.The top of the boiler is equipped with a top coil, which effectively prevents the flame from radiating directly into the rear wall.Equipped with advanced combustion device, boiler operation is fully automated. The boiler is packaged type and after the boiler arriving at the site, it can be put into operation only by connecting gas (oil) electricity. Boiler heating surface includes four parts: furnace radiation heating surface, primary convection tube bundle heating surface, secondary convection tube bundle heating surface, economizer (waste heat boiler).

High thermal efficiency

a.By using micro-positive pressure operation, the combustion intensity of the furnace is effectively improved. The volume of the boiler with the same capacity is smaller and at the same time, the air leakage of the furnace and flue duct is eliminated which improves the boiler thermal efficiency.
b.The advanced EDA technology is adopted to calculate the boiler structure size and the flow speed of the flue gas. By reasonable heat transfer between flame and flue gas, the boiler stable performance can be ensured and boiler efficiency is greatly improved.
c.The high efficiency condensation technology can effectively reduce the temperature of exhaust gas and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

High thermal efficiency
Low nitrogen emission
Low nitrogen emission

New design is adopted to reduce harmful substance emissions during fuel combustion, to meet national environmental protection standards, especially to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides, and to meet national low nitrogen emission standards.

Adopting brand burner

It adopts imported burners of famous international brands. The quality and safety performance can are ensured.

Adopting brand burner
Strong expansion capacity

The control module has strong expansion capacity, which can achieve mass control, remote control and other functions as per the end user’s need.

Strong expansion capacity
Model Rated Capacity(KW) Rated thermal power(x10 4kcal/h) Design Temperature(≤℃) Work pressure(MPa) Thermal Efficiency(≥%) System installed power(KW)
YQL-7000Q 7000 600 320 0.8 90 140
YQL-8200Q 8200 700 320 0.8 90 140
YQL-9400Q 9400 800 320 1 90 200
YQL-10500Q 10500 900 320 1 90 200
YQL-12000Q 12000 1000 320 1 90 240
YQL-14000Q 14000 1200 320 1 90 320
YQL-16500Q 16500 1400 320 1 90 380
YQL-18000Q 18000 1600 320 1 90 450
YQL-21000Q 21000 1800 320 1 90 520
YQL-23300Q 23300 2000 320 1 90 600
YQL-26000Q 26000 2200 320 1 90 700
YQL-29200Q 29200 2500 320 1 90 825
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